About Us


HydroPower is an Engineering Company established in 2015 with the aim of providing High Precision Machining services. The company offers a full range of services such as Engineering, Welding and Chip Manufacturing, where Hydro, Metal Processing, Aircraft Parts, Hydraulics and other special machine parts are produced dynamically.

In addition to its basic production, HydroPower is in the Hydro and Aviation sector; From materials, surface treatment and heat treatment, machining, polishing, balancing and NDT to making certificates, packaging, and shipping, we also offer other services that provide Customer convenience.

HydroPower recognizes the value of its employees and places great emphasis on selecting, developing, supporting and continually improving their knowledge, skills and experience.

The main goal is Customer Satisfaction and a long-term business alliance.

Main Production Areas:

Metalworking (Welding)
Space and Space Components
Others (heavy machine parts, gear etc.)

Our services;
CNC machining. According to customer specifications, Material Purchasing (forging, casting), Special Welding Operations 2D / 3D Measurement, Balancing, Grinding / Polishing, NDT Inspection, Thermal and Surface Processing, Packaging and Adrese Delivery
HydroPower has an ISO 9001 certificate from the very beginning of its existence.

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